Alice Sharpe

Pre and post natal is such a huge passion of mine because, it is such a big milestone in a women’s life. The thoughts that go through your head when you look down at that test are endless, and I want to make one area slightly easier for all women. I want to support all Mums journey to make them feel comfortable & safe during and post birth. I feel there is still a huge stigma around women training and a lack of self confidence that I want to help and support to prove it can be fun & safe and not to time consuming.

Everyone has there own favourite ways of training, for me personally it is about being short and sharp (20-30mins) to do an intense workout and have a small bit of me time. Being a mum off two wonderful girls means that is very hard to find time, but I always make sure from a mental and physical point of view that I work through my exercises.

My passion for training ttc, pre & postnatal mamas started from my first ttc journey. I strive to remove fear around movement, educate and empower women to stay active, continue with, and return to the activities they love at the right time for their body. With a specialism in pre & post natal fitness and ‘corrective exercise’, I focus on mindful movement, while also bridging the gap between pelvic health physical therapy and training.