Safe Workouts

All classes are created especially for post-natal women who have had the all-clear to start exercising, rebuilding core, pelvic floor, cardio and strength back to full fitness. Yoga and pilates included too. 

Professional Instructors

Our trainers are fully qualified in post natal rehabilitation and include a pelvic health physiotherapist, post natal registered dietician, specialist post natal yoga, pilates, strength and cardio trainers. Providing expert advice in all aspects of well being after the birth of your baby. 

Supportive Community

Even though you are at home, our community comes together for live classes and within our members support group. Ask advice, share experiences, and never feel alone.  

The Post Natal Plan

A structured 12 week plan to get back into fitness after the birth of your baby. Follow-along classes in our online studio, week-by-week, we guide you through a safe return to exercise whilst reclaiming a little time for your mind and your body.

The plan is split into three monthly sections – Breathe, Build and Boost, progressing from gentle movement post-birth, reconnecting to your core and pelvic floor, adding gentle mobility with upper and lower body focus, all the way through to building up our strength and cardio fitness again in a safe and effective way.

There are wonderful stretching routines to bring back your mobility and expert advice from Clare Bourne, a leading women’s health physiotherapist and Amy, a registered dietician with specialist post natal experience. The plan supports you throughout the first few months of motherhood. We will keep it informative but also fun, we are all trying to juggle motherhood and the rest of life so I want to make sure that when you do find the time to do something for yourself that you enjoy it.

Whether you are 6 weeks or 6 months post natal, it doesn’t matter. It’s about what feels safe and right for you. 


How It Works

The plan includes a library of follow along, on-demand videos including:

  • Women’s health physiotherapy sessions specialising in post birth guidance
  • Week by week chats with Charlie, on body, mind, emotions, life and your baby
  • Weekly nutritional advice
  • Weekly stretch class
  • Pelvic Floor and Core weekly class
  • Weekly yoga
  • Weekly strength and conditioning classes that build towards specific upper and lower body strength classes, pilates and total body workouts.

Live Class

Every Sunday, Charlie provides a live full body cardio workout with a q and a session, a chance to connect with the community and enjoy the shared experience. Available on catch up too. 


Ease yourself back in
£29 /month
  • Safe, expert-led classes for introduction to post natal fitness 
  • Pelvic floor & core classes by leading women health physiotherapist
  • Post natal nutrition
  • Building strength and cardio fitness
  • Post natal pilates and yoga
  • Sunday live full-body workout
  • Stretch and Mobility classes
  • FAQ sessions and chats with Charlie
  • Facebook Community

Subscription Information

The post-natal plan is 3 months in total but is flexible according to how you are feeling. You may feel you want to work at a slower pace and repeat certain classes or you may feel you are ready to move on a lot sooner. We recommend you follow the plan to the very end but you are under no obligation to subscribe to 3 months.



Got A Question?

Charlie loves to hear from you and is here to support and guide you through this important time. Get in touch with your questions. 

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    What people say about us
    • Bumps & Burpees is so much more than fitness. My training sessions were something I looked forward to every week, they made me feel so positive and energetic I don’t know what I would have done without them. I would never have made it to the gym with a toddler and a baby so being able to train in my living room meant I had no excuses left. I really enjoyed exercising through my pregnancy and wish I had known about them for the first!

      Mum of two
    • I fully credit this programme with the easy pregnancy I enjoyed and my very quick recovery.

    • I felt completely confident that everything she asked me to do was only going to strengthen my mind and body for the whole 40 weeks of pregnancy and beyond.

    • I’m in better shape now, (6 months pregnant!) than I was before.

    • Even though I have always exercised and felt confident in the gym it was so reassuring to have someone who could make sure I was doing things safely through my pregnancy. I totally relaxed and left the thinking to someone else, although pregnancy brain left me with no choice anyway! We exercise in the garden when its warm and in my kitchen when its not, its perfect and I recommend them to all my pregnant friends!

      Mum of Three
    • I have never felt so strong and energetic before. Despite the fact I am 34 weeks pregnant! I can’t thank Bumps and Burpees enough for sharing training videos and advice on their instagram. By making it so accessible, I was able to follow Charlie’s advice and exercises throughout my pregnancy. It gave me the confidence I needed to get in the gym and the structure I needed when I was in there. Thank you!

      Mum of one