All sessions are conducted with our fully qualified personal trainers who are happy to train you wherever suits you. Most often, this is in the kitchen, garden, living room - wherever you’ve got a little bit of space, we can workout!



Pregnancy is wonderful, scary, exciting and a time where you want to look after yourself more than ever before. You are now caring for two of you and your body is going through all sorts of changes - a growing bump, an influx of weird and wonderful pregnancy hormones, softened ligaments and the list goes on. By staying active and strong throughout the nine months, you can help your body to accommodate these changes and stay as pain free and comfortable as possible.

Your Bumps & Burpees trainer will come to you, bringing everything they need to guide you through your training sessions ensuring that they are tailored to you and your pregnancy. Together you can work out a plan to keep you moving throughout these nine months and enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible.




Finding time to exercise as a new mum becomes more and more difficult as your baby’s social life takes precedence and that’s why we come to you. We come to you to eliminate all of the extra stresses such as getting your baby in and out of the car seat, timing their feeds, praying that they are on good behaviour and that they don’t have a meltdown in the gym.

Our trainers love babies and are more than happy to bottle feed, burp, cuddle and if you're really lucky nappy change too, all so that you can get your workout in without any extra stress. Your trainer will work with you to assess your body after pregnancy, and create a bespoke program that will help you on your way back to feeling great again.



For enquiries outside of London please get in touch for pricing.