Bumps & Burpees was founded by Charlie Launder in 2014 to provide a space for women to feel supported and empowered through their pregnancy and into motherhood.

A time that is unbelievably special but also brings with it a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, especially around what is and isn’t safe. The Bumps & Burpees community is one that aims to provide information and motivation to help everyone enjoy their pregnancy and time as a Mum as much as possible. Life as a new and expectant mum brings enough challenges along the way and our goal is to make sure that exercise is not one of them. It is not only about guiding women safely through exercise during this time, but also helping them to fit it into their new lifestyle and hopefully enjoy it too.

Physical and emotional strength is at the forefront of everything we do, and helping you to realise the importance of looking after yourself as well as your baby is a big part of what we do. Learning how to keep fit and healthy as a new mum can feel intimidating so Bumps & Burpees is here to guide and motivate you when you need it. Our PT service can provide 1:1 coaching right to your living room with a personal trainer bringing everything to you. This eliminates the stress of organising childcare for your trip to the gym and ensures the workouts are completely specific to your needs. Alternatively there are ways you can access more generic Bumps & Burpees workouts for less financial commitment through our ebook, and online through our instagram at no cost at all.


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