Top Things To Consider When Choosing A Double Buggy

There are so many things to consider when you’re family is expanding to two children. One of the most important decisions for us recently has been how are we going to get around? We all have different setups and lifestyles so there isn’t a one size fits all answer. Choosing whether or not to have a double buggy seems to be a predicament that many of us find ourselves in. Having just gone through the process, I thought it might be helpful to share the top things we considered when choosing a double buggy.

I am going to have a 20 month gap between my two. Even though Alfie loves being independent and will walk everywhere some days, I can’t rely on him to do this every day. I really like walking and it’s a big part of my lifestyle and on long distances Alfie still wants to be picked up. Obviously with a new baby as well, this won’t always be an option so we decided that for us it is worth opting for a double buggy.

Once the decision was made, we started researching the options online. There are so many types and variations that I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed. So I decided to get some help and advice to guide me through the decision making process. I got in contact with the lovely team at Pram World and they took me through the following considerations which really helped me hone exactly the buggy that would be perfect for our family and day-to-day needs.


Your Lifestyle

Think about your daily life and how you think you will be using your pram. Will you be mostly pushing it on pavements in a town or do you live in the country and be taking your pram off-road? The bigger the wheels the more practical it is for countryside walks and the more comfortable it is if you are planning on running with it. Be warned, big wheels take up more space. Do you need to have plenty of room for shopping and carrying bags? Make sure you check out the space underneath the seats.

Ease and Speed of Set Up

Will you need to set up and fold down the buggy every time you use it? Some are particularly difficult and time consuming, so if you are likely to be on your own with it a lot of the time, make sure it’s easy to set up. Prams can be stress inducing so make sure you know how to open the buggy before leaving the store. And if you will be lifting it in and out of the car, make sure it’s not too heavy for you.


Think about where you are going to be keeping your pram. Will it be in a hall way, a car boot or a cupboard? Does it need to fold down or can you leave it up. If you have limited space, be sure to consider the dimensions of the pram when it is collapsed and how well it fits into your car.

Common Places and Spaces

Think about your doorways, gates and anything that you will regularly need to navigate. A side-by-side double buggy is quite a bit wider than a single pram. If your doorway is quite small this may become quite frustrating. I have a small gate that I regularly need to get through when going on a walk, so a side-by-side double buggy would not work for me.

Accessories and Features

There are so many accessories to consider, some come as standard with a buggy and others will be an extra cost. Think about the ages of your children. You might need a buggy board, a UV sunshade, a cup holder, rain covers, footmuffs, clip-on toys. You might want to be able to attach your car seat directly onto the pram. And if you or a partner are particularly tall having an extendable handle is really useful.

How We Chose Our Double Buggy

Once we had gone through the above with Pram World we knew there were only a few options that would work as we definitely needed a stacked buggy rather than a side by side in order to get through the kissing gates near us. We then needed to consider the way in which the seats can be arranged. That means forwards or backwards facing, baby on the top or ability to change around.

We ended up choosing the iCandy Orange double buggy – it simply ticked all the boxes for us. It’s stacked, the wheels can definitely cope with the muddy lanes and there are plenty of options for seating arrangements. And a big bonus for Alfie is that there is a built-in buggy board which I know Alfie will love. And the buggy can be used as a single too so it will last us a long time. It features really lovely fabric choices, a really comfy quilted seat liner and a carrycot apron. It is also meant to be really easy to steer when loaded up.

Other Buggy Types

I looked at so many other buggies before making the final decision. So here are some of the others that I think might be helpful for those of you with other requirements.

Side by Side Seating

Side by side buggy for 2 children - bugaboo

The Bugaboo Donkey5 is the lastest version of the Bugaboo double pushchair that adapts as your family grows. This pushchair can be used either as a single, duo or twin pram. As a single the Donkey includes a side luggage basket for convenience when shopping; but is easily converted into a side-by-side double. There is a reversible seat and bassinet for newborns, and the Bugaboo Turtle car seat can be added to create the ultimate travel system. The Donkey features foam-filled puncture-proof tyres so it’s great for off-roading, it has comfortable handlebar grips and can be fully loaded with a range of accessories.

Best Off-Roader

Doubl Buggy perfect for off roading

The Out ‘n’ About Nipper Double V4 is the perfect solution for parents who require a multi-purpose, all-terrain pushchair with enough space for two. Its sleek, sporty frame with air-filled tires makes it a dream to manoeuvre off-road or around town.

City Living

Cybex Gazelle Double Buggy

The big city shopper, the Cybex Gazelle S grows with your family, offering 23 different configurations and providing practicality, comfort and convenience on every journey. Suitable from birth to 22kg (approx. 4 years).

Ideal for Running

The Out n About Nipper Sport Double is the perfect solution for jogging with two children on all kinds of different terrains. The 16” wheels ensure a smooth ride and the hand brake will allow maximum control on even the rockiest of paths.

Buying a buggy is a big purchase so it can really help to ask advice from those who know about all the options. Getting in touch with Pram World was the best decision I made, they couldn’t have been more helpful and I think I received the very best advice without being sold to. It doesn’t matter if you are not near their showroom, they even sent me a video of the pram that I wanted and answered all the questions I had.

I’m excited to get Alfie in his new buggy. I know he is going to love testing out the buggy board before his sibling arrives, and we are going to make sure we try out all the seating options. We are going to spend the weekend trying it all out whilst we have a bit of time before the baby arrives. I will update you all on how we get on with it once we are using it for both of them but I do hope this has helped you if you’re stuck on your buggy decision like we were.


Disclaimer: Pram World have gifted the iCandy Orange to me. I reached out to them for advice with the intention of purchasing the pram. They have very kindly provided me with generous advice and a considered approach to choosing the right double buggy for our family and we have now entered a partnership for me to provide honest reviews of their services and products.

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