Christmas Gift Ideas

This is it! We can officially say Christmas is coming, and I have to say I am loving getting into the Christmas spirit this year. I think after last year being such a quiet one it feels exciting to be able to plan outings and see people again. Alfie and I are loving the Christmas lights going up in the streets and seeing houses go all out on their decorations already. I am still trying to figure out how on earth to keep my toddler away from our tree when it goes up, so I will keep you posted. I am envisaging a lot of “nooooo, don’t touch” and plenty of baubles on the floor!!

All of a sudden grandparents, godparents and friends are all asking me what Alfie wants for Christmas. So I thought it might be helpful to pull some ideas together of things I have found to be useful as well as some fun gifts for babies and toddlers. I hope I can do some of the thinking for you. There are also a few ideas that I think might be useful for your pregnant friends for Christmas this year as often we get stuck with what to buy them and there are only so many baby grows they need!! It’s nice to treat the Mum as well as the baby sometimes.


Zaza Storybox Subscription

We have been using and loving ZazaStorybox subscription since Alfie was 4 months old. Each
month you get a box with two or three books and toys to go with them all perfectly curated for their
age category. Some months its a peekaboo theme, others its an animal theme and I think it’s such
a lovely idea for a gift.

Stacking Cups

These stacking cups are the gift that keeps on giving. Every single night without fail we get these
out in the bath and pour water in and out of them, stack them up, knock them down and they never
seem to get boring. We take them out to restaurants with us and in the car, they just seem to be so
popular and are not an expensive thing to invest in!

Bead Maze

We got given a bead maze just like this one when Alfie was about 4 months as it was the one thing
that encouraged him to sit up by himself as it made him lean forward. He would play with it for
ages, and actually still does from time to time.

Wooden Walker

This wooden walker is such a wonderful gift for any baby between 5 months to a year old I think.
The building blocks form their own kind of fun and once your little one is on the move it is such a
great way for them to practice walking until they are strong enough to do it on their own.


Dumbbell Play Set

Alfie absolutely loves his little dumbbell and makes all sorts of grunting sounds as he lifts it above
his head it is so funny! They do kettlebells and barbells, so the perfect gift for any child who loves
to join in with your workouts!

Mega Blocks

We were given this bag of Mega blocks as a gift for Alfie’s 1st birthday and they get played with
every single day. He loves building towers, and knocking them down again and they come in this
handy bag so easy to pop in the car when off to grandparents and things. Endless fun!

Shopping Basket

I don’t know about yours but my toddler absolutely loves putting things into boxes or cupboards
and then emptying it all out again so I have ordered him a shopping trolley and basket with lots of
food so he can keep himself as busy as he likes and hopefully stay out of my food cupboards!
(wishful thinking I know!)


Alfie has one of these little trikes and even though he can’t go too fast on it yet he absolutely loves
going around the kitchen on it and even more so when we push him so he can go faster, god help
our ankles when he learns how to zoom around on it!!


Beauty Treatment

A voucher for a beauty treatment. Whether it’s a facial, a pregnancy massage, to get her nails
done she will love you for it! It’s so important to take some time to pamper yourself while you’re
pregnant and many of us don’t do it enough so give the gift of some me time!

Scented Candles and Other Goodies

Anything to help her relax. Smelly candles and incense sticks are always a winner in my books and
Neom is my absolute favourite, plus there are so many options to suit your budget.

Hypnobirthing Course

If she is into it, a hypnobirthing online course would be a brilliant gift. I did it for Alfie’s pregnancy
and will be doing it again. There is a course for pregnancy and also for birth and I found them both
to be so empowering.

Sleep Consultant

I think it is such a kind and useful present to give a new parent or parent to be a consultation call or
a course with a sleep consultant for them to use when they feel they would like to. It’s not to say
“you’re never going to sleep again” but it can be so helpful to understand baby sleep and when and
how to implement a gentle routine. I had help from The Parent & Baby Coach and it was invaluable
for us.

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