So here we are, right at the very end of pregnancy. Today we are 40+2. The date we are given at the scan goes firmly in our minds as the date we will have a baby by and thats the one we work towards throughout all of pregnancy. Now I know that it is only an estimate, but there is nothing like your due date passing you by like any other day. What an anticlimax. George and I woke up feeling excited, not because we thought I would go into labour that day but because it was THE day! The day we had been working towards all year.

I went for my midwife appointment on the morning of my due date, and I had expected that I might be getting a sweep so had prepared myself for it but the midwife explained to me that she would prefer to wait until 41 weeks as it wasn’t likely to work as I had no real signs of labour to go with it. I felt so deflated but also understood her reasonings and agreed to have one a week later if I was still pregnant. The rest of that day both George and I were twiddling our thumbs a little. Our diaries hadn’t gone further than today, we had nothing planned! That is something I will do very differently if we are ever here again, I would recommend planning something nice to do on your due date.

We quickly turned our moods around and got on with our day but what I wasn’t ready for was the amount of messages coming through all day long. Non stop! Family and friends sending “how are you?” messages when you know exactly what they actually mean – Is the baby here yet? It stressed me out more than I thought it would so I ended up just leaving my phone in a different room and avoiding them. I completely understand them wanting to know, but if there was news to tell, you can be sure we would be telling it!!

I generally feel ok, uncomfortable don’t get me wrong but it doesn’t feel like the baby is in any sort of rush to get out. It’s ironic really, I spent the entire pregnancy worrying about the baby staying in there in fear of another miscarriage and now I am doing everything I can to get it out and it won’t budge. I am sat here bouncing on my ball, drinking an entire tea pot of raspberry leaf tea, clary sage everywhere and trying to walk this baby out! Nothing! Actually, not nothing – I have been having horrible cramps every evening for days now but they don’t turn into anything. The positives are that I am back to sleeping really well again, so every night of no baby I am making sure to be grateful for a full (ish) nights sleep.

People keep telling us to enjoy the calm, but to be honest we are just about ready for the chaos now. It’s almost like the house is too quiet and there is something missing, we are ready for our new little house mate now. So, we will keep enjoying our undisturbed sleeps for now but if you would just hurry up that would be fab!

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