End of Second Trimester

Here we are with three months to go until our due date, and I have barely left my house! Not exactly how I imagined pregnancy to be. I imagined buying lovely maternity outfits to show off the bump, and seeing my friends and family lots in the run up to the baby’s arrival, not to mention working hard and saving up so I could take a proper maternity leave but being in isolation doesn’t exactly allow for that. Thank goodness for FaceTime and zoom, otherwise my family might completely miss me having a bump. I am more sad for them and am just clinging on to some hope that they might be able to feel at least one kick before I have this baby. I have ben trying to keep them in the loop as much as possible to make things easier on them, as well as me.

Aside from growing a baby in isolation, I am doing really well. I do have had bad days, many less than the good ones but they do happen every so often. For me the bad days are more due to being pregnant in isolation rather than being pregnant though. I am loving pregnancy on the whole and wouldn’t change it for the world.

So, what has been going on since my last update 8 weeks ago?


Well theres no mistaking it, theres definitely a bump there now. Around week 25 it started to harden up and look more bump like which made me really happy. I can no longer hold it in and it finally looks like a baby bump, although I am sure all this baking is adding to it. I didn’t start to show at all until around 17 weeks and it made me so anxious as all I wanted was a bump to show me that everything was ok so I’m pleased it’s here.

I am being kicked all the time now, another thing that took a long time to come around. I couldn’t feel any kicks until 20 weeks and even still they were very rare. They are much more frequent now, basically every time I sit still the kicking starts and they make me smile every single time. My favourite bit about pregnancy by far.


I am feeling far less anxious now that I am almost in my third trimester. I never thought I would say that after so many losses I could feel calm in a pregnancy but I do feel much more relaxed than before. The thing my mind struggles with on occasion is body image. I know that sounds crazy given how much I wanted this pregnancy and how happy I am to be pregnant, but every so often it does hit me out of the blue. Getting bigger and bigger, and not just in the bump, can play on the mind some days. I suppose I always knew that the body stores a little extra body fat in all areas of the body during pregnancy but it’s a whole different thing when it happens. Those negative feelings don’t last very long as I am quick to pick up that they’re there and talk myself through them. I immediately make sure I am wearing clothes that fit properly, I try to eat as healthily as possible that day, drink loads of water and keep busy. I know I’m not the only one who feels like this, it is so normal so I just do my best to be at peace with those feelings when they come as I know they will go again shortly.


Of course we have to discuss what type of fruit the baby is right now, and depending on which app or website you look at it can be anything from a papaya to a cabbage but in any case these fruits are definitely getting bigger! We were informed that the baby can now open it’s eyes and will start to form sleep patterns now – which seem to be the opposite to mine with lovely 2am kicking parties! Babies are known to have survived being born at 27 weeks which is a crazy thought. Of course I want many more weeks of cooking in there but amazing to be able to imagine how developed our baby is already.


As I said, overall I don’t feel I have much to complain about – the sickness is 99% gone, yes I get tired some days but that is easily sorted out with a lie down on the sofa now we are confined to our houses. The thing that is bothering me the most is feeling achey. I honestly feel like a granny when I turn over in the night and get up in the morning, my pelvis and hips are sore and slow to warm up and my lower back can feel very achey. I know this is all very normal but wow is it slowing me down and if you know me, you’ll know I don’t enjoy being slowed down much.


Like with all of us, it is hard not to snack when stuck at home all day but try being hormonal on top of that! I have days where I am constantly searching through kitchen cupboard trying to figure out what I fancy (and trying it all in the mean time) and other days where I can stick to a pretty normal balanced diet. I have no food aversions anymore which makes life much easier so I am trying to have lots of nice big salads and soups to get lots of veggies to the baby but please don’t for a second think I don’t look forward to some chocolate in front of the tv in the evening. Our snack cupboard is filled with lots of goodies from easter and it would be rude not to! I am having to eat slightly smaller portions now though as my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach and I get full annoyingly quickly.


Like all of you, I am now doing my workouts at home which is never my first choice but I have been making the most of it. Luckily I have a range of weights at home so I have been trying to keep my strength up with about 4 workouts a week plus a walk most days. Some days I really do feel pregnant and slow, but others I feel full of energy and so go with it. As always I am learning to adapt my workouts as I go along as every day is different and you can’t always plan for that. I am teaching live workouts on instagram 3 times a week which actually motivates me too, having everyone doing it with me is a really nice feeling. I am trying to make sure that I balance out my strength training with slower, more restorative work. I had just got into my swimming before lockdown started which I miss terribly, but I am trying to get more stretching and mobility work into my week to keep my body feeling as good as it can.

I am heading in to my final trimester feeling good, and actually excited! We have started our NCT classes (online of course) and have bought a few bits and bobs for the baby, which I will talk about in another post, but the whole thing is feeling more real now and I just can’t wait!

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