How to bump up your exercise during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the time to take it easy; indulge in that extra slice of cake and sack off the gym – or so says popular wisdom. In fact, new studies show that keeping active during pregnancy leads to a range of benefits, from lessening tiredness and nausea, to reducing the chances of an emergency caesarean.

But until recently, prenatal exercise has meant pregnancy yoga or swimming. While both have health benefits (there’s nothing like the feeling of weightlessness when you are two stone heavier than normal), for fit women used to chasing an endorphin high, life in the exercise slow lane is unfulfilling.

Step forward a new wave of boutique fitness offerings aimed at fit women who happen to be pregnant. One of the first on the scene was Bumps and Burpees, a PT programme for pre- and post-natal women. “The clean-living lifestyle has taken off in the last few years – young women who are pregnant don’t want to lose what they’ve been working on,” says Charlie Launder, who co-founded Bumps and Burpees in 2014. This month she has introduced free YouTube videos of key exercises to try at home.

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