How I trained with weights during and after pregnancy

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Keeping in shape is hard at the best of times. Nine times out of ten, enjoying a cold glass of white wine sofa-bound beats working your butt off in a HIIT class hands down.

So imagine how hard it is working out for two.

Here, one Women’s Health staffer shares her top pregnancy training tips. The good, the bad and the ugly, the squats, the lunges, and (not) the crunches.


I didn’t give up on fitness for nine months: I went to personal training once a week with Charlie Launder, a personal trainer specialising in pre and post natal fitness, and co-founder of Bumps and Burpees, who focussed on keeping my fitness up in a safe way, while building up the muscles I’d need to support my growing stomach and protect my back.

If I make it sound like some kind of yummy mummy workout – it really wasn’t. It was tough (in a good way). I did almost everything I did as a “normal” person – press ups, lunges, squats (lots of squats; they’re great for exercising your pelvic floor as well as building up your glutes). But Launder made sure I was only working out safely (so no crunches, small mercies) and obviously making sure my form was correct – something that’s more challenging as my body increased in size. There was no week I didn’t build up a sweat, which was exactly what I wanted.

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