Keep on moving: pregnancy exercise

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Staying active is the key to a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy, says Charlie Launder.

It’s a time that many women wait their whole lives for, and for some it comes as a complete surprise. Either way, it is important to look after yourself during your pregnancy to ensure that both you and baby have a healthy nine months. A growing bump, while exciting and new, also brings your body a variety of challenges, which can be overcome by keeping strong and active. It is becoming more and more common to see women in the gym working out through their pregnancy. Not only does exercise help prepare your body for birth, it can also have many psychological benefits that will help you enjoy your pregnancy from start to finish.

Lets get physical

It is no secret that your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. Some women sail through their nine months, while others suffer with all sorts of unwanted aches and pains. A protein hormone called relaxin is released into the body during pregnancy, and is often the root cause of these aches and pains. Relaxin softens your ligaments – the tough tissue that connects your joints. While we need this to happen to help the body accommodate the physical changes to come, it can sometimes cause problems when your joints are less stable.

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