5 pregnancy fitness myths you need to ignore

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It’s amazing how conversation on your body becomes an open forum when you announce that you’re pregnant. Your mother’s neighbour will tell you ‘you can’t eat that’ as you tuck into a smoked salmon sandwich (the NHS website says it’s ok, but yes Susan from down the road, you probably know better); the airline you fly with won’t sell you an exit seat because, at four months pregnant you’re probably not physically capable of turning a handle (despite hauling a 22kg case to the airport by yourself) and EVERYBODY’s BPM will skyrocket when you share that you’re still working out.

Disclaimer: We’re not talking mindful swimming or pregnancy yoga here.

But, women who chose to continue to strength train – namely lift weights – and run. Of course, there are the extremes: aiming for a six-pack during your pregnancy would teeter on insanity (but hey, if you have one, like the Aussie fitness instructor Chontel Duncan, that’s fantastic).

We’re just saying is if exercise is your thing, it’s not something you have to give up for nine-months.

So here are five fitness pregnancy myths you can dismiss once you’re knocked up.

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